How to stop drinking?Top Drug Rehab & Alcohol Centers in US

Today the health of our nation is at a crossroads drug and alcohol addiction is an epidemic that runs through nearly every household in America. Today’s topic we produce an association to help the River Source in Mesa, AZ, that offers one of the most effective and proven methods for holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab. Holistic rehabilitation is a method that treats the whole person for their drug and alcohol addiction mind, body, and spirit.

Is it possible to stop drinking alcohol alone?


25 million people need treatment for drug dependency or alcohol abuse yet only a small percentage ever seek the help they need.
” Out of the 25 million people that have an alcohol addiction problem, of only two and a half million essentially seek treatment, multiple problems multifaceted there for many reasons why there’s this big treatment gap, one of them very simply put is a biological reason this is a chronic disorder of the brain all the way down to the neuronal level so once somebody can reach a period of abstinence after that you still have these cravings or these triggers to where one is at risk for relapse, ” Board Certified Psychiatrist said.
The River Source Alum, Jacob Daffner says ” The person suffering from alcohol addiction could be someone you’d least expect your own child, a friend or even a parent, if the expert help needed to turn these lives around it’s readily available in this country, the key is to find a program that will treat the whole person mind, body, and spirit to keep them grounded in recovery. The gift of recovery from addiction really comes down to an individual decision to seek help and accept the alcohol treatment”.


” It sounds cliche but the first step is admitting that you have a problem, alcohol addiction or any other type of addiction I think one of the characteristics of alcohol addiction or drug abuse is denial and are not understanding that the gravity and the depth of the issue so if somebody can get to the point where they’re actually willing to ask for help and actually admit that it’s a problem I mean that goes a long way of starting them on the road to recovery” Clinical Director The River Source said.

Jacob Daffner says” I was homeless in Baltimore and I just got robbed and wound up in the ER because of the injuries and I really didn’t have any other options to tell you the truth and so I decided you know maybe they using has something to do with my why I’ve been so unhappy for so long and so then came here”
Jerrica Jackson say”mentally I was completely broken I was hopeless I was empty physically I was homeless I completely gave up on life so I came in totally broken”
Shanan Lafferty adds ” I hit rock bottom and I was lying and I lost all my friends lost all my family and once I made that step where I told my parents that I needed help was when I reached out and found some people that knew about the river source”


One of the most effective and proven methods of recovery from addiction is what’s called holistic rehabilitation, in particular, A 12-step program designed to heal and restore balance to the whole person.
“just pulling them off drugs after treatment will not lead to a successful recovery they need to be able to work towards a future both mentally spiritually and physically,” Medical Director said
The Board Certified psychiatrist explain treatment by 12-step “part of the 12-step theory of giving up that control or one’s perceived control over the addiction and realizing that both healing from a biological model but also from the holistic model is has a spiritual aspect and that’s why it’s so important to have accepted as part of the first step if not the first step in becoming successful in abstinence”
A drug and alcohol treatment center in Arizona called the river source takes a full team approach to treating the whole person to keep them grounded in recovery with a full management team comprised of physicians nurses counselors and behavioral health techs the river sources philosophy is that recovery from addiction is a lifelong process that needs to focus on treating the primary illness in mind body and spirit rather than just the symptoms of the disease.


A licensed professional counselor says: ” Even though the face of addiction is changing over time the problem is the same it’s a spiritual malady or spiritual disease and so because of the river source has a spiritual solution utilizing holistic approaches and the 12 steps to treat all the faces of addiction because the core of it really is that spiritual and that’s what we addressed here by helping them really reconnect with source and then of course with the community”

The river source also offers corporations and employers a unique Employee Assistance Program for employees who are showing signs of addiction the river source helps employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their job performance health and well-being, founded in 2003 as a residential holistic treatment center in a quietest picturesque desert setting in Arizona the river source offers affordable healing and hope to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction specializing in high-quality addiction recovery for people of all ages and backgrounds the river source has helped countless people live a life free of drugs and alcohol, as stories from its alumni will attest.

As many of these alumni vividly remember the reason for taking that first step in choosing the river source hasn’t changed today nor has the promise made by its caring staff, “the old saying is you don’t you don’t have to get sober for the right reasons you got to stay sober for the right reasons and that’s you admitting that you have a problem and knowing that you need to change”.
Recovery is a lifelong process that leads to freedom from using drugs or alcohol by helping those living with addiction one day at a time holistic treatment can help build a bridge to a life worth living the river source provides that treatment with compassion understanding and knowledge to help save lives by keeping them grounded in recovery.


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