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Foods That Prevent Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Let’s talk about the dark fruits you can add to your diet, what about blueberries same story researchers bonding a group of people and gave them a pint of blueberries every day after a short while their learning was also better the recall was better so these plants that have been with us for thousands and thousands of years our bodies are designed to take advantage of these great nutrients in them.


These antioxidants that you can get into your body because your body knows what to do but I think maybe modern life takes it all away from us you eat a cheeseburger or fried chicken or pizza and there are no anthro signings and those and because of the ease of the modern diet all these things that we’ve depended upon to protect our body for thousands of years have been stripped away.

The question is there something you can do to defend yourself and knock out these free radicals?

Sure there is there are hundreds and hundreds of superfoods to help you fight these free radicals antioxidants that are found in everyday ordinary foods, like green vegetable seeds and nuts and vitamins and if any of the vitamins needed by your body qualified as a superhero it would be vitamin E.


Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cell membranes from harm, unfortunately, the only vitamin E cartoon I could find was Homer Simpson as everyman which if you stop and think about it maybe even more appropriate than some nameless faceless generic vitamin E superhero anyway vitamin E is villain would be free radicals which are highly reactive molecules that are missing an electron these villainous free radicals go berserk inside your body madly searching for an extra electron to grab hold of, but as they bounce around on their mad search they cost tremendous damage to everything they run into our superhero, vitamin E is capable of donating electrons to the free radicals this calms these free radicals down and stops her mad dash of destruction through your body.


You’ve no doubt heard the old expression an apple a day keeps the doctor away well that old saying has never been truer you see apples are chock-full of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps counteract the damaging oxidation caused by free radicals one of the best explanations of oxidation I’ve run across is the Browning of an Apple we’ve all cut open apples and see what happens to them they turn brown right well that browning is oxidation the oxidation produces a number of compounds including a brown pigment called melanin the longer the Apple is exposed to the air the more Brown pigments are formed, and the darker the Apple becomes so a really cool experiment that you can do at home if you like is to compare the Browning of an apple relative to the effects and effectiveness of antioxidants and these are simple antioxidants that you have at home first you fill three glasses full of cold water the first glass you leave alone and just have water in it the second you crush up an ordinary vitamin C tablet and stir that in there until it’s dissolved and in the third glass you get a multivitamin just a standard multivitamin crush it up stir it in make sure it’s dissolved then you drop your apple slices.

In the next thing is to take the apples output them someplace so you can see what happens over the next four days look at figure one these are the three apples after 24 hours on the left the apple and water in the middle of the Apple dunked in vitamin C and on the right the multivitamin going to figure – this is 48 hours two days water vitamin C and mineral says as you can see a huge difference the vitamin C Apple still looks pretty good the other two quickly turning into mush figure three 72 hours three days same thing vitamin C Apple still okay the multivitamin is really going downhill quick faster than just the Apple and water experts say this is because the multivitamin contains traces of crude oil and heavy metals. When you think those heavy metals are iron copper and that causes them to oxidize even faster than the one that’s just dunked in water but overall you can see how effective a vitamin C is at reducing the oxidative damage. Now, this is a really oversimplifying example but I think it illustrates both the process of oxidation and how a good antioxidant can help protect you even though it only accounts for about 2% of your body weight your brain burns more than 20% of your body’s total energy because it’s such a power-intensive part of your body diet is critical to your brains.

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