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Cholesterol And Alzheimer’s Risk! How To Protect Your Brain

Genes For Alzheimer’s And Dementia:

Your genes are not your destiny, the genes for Alzheimer’s and dementia can be affected but now is the time to start doing something about it.
Research shows that Alzheimer’s starts doing damage to your brain 10 15 maybe even 20 years before the first symptoms occur this preventive approach is not perfect but it’s a lot more than what we used to know now, let’s take a look inside the brain in between the brain cells, and down between the neurons, you can see these little black clouds in the brain of a person who’s got Alzheimer’s that are called amyloid plaques, and they are a hallmark of the disease but how do they get there, that’s the trillion-dollar question they’re made up of protein strands from brain cells that get broken off they’re sticky and they clump together in these little balls called beta-amyloid plaques then they start destroying the connections from one cell to the next but what else is in these brain cells there’s a protein there’s cholesterol.


But there’s also something else there’s iron and copper and other metals you have iron in your body normally because the body takes the iron it makes hemoglobin out of it hemoglobin is what makes the blood red and carries oxygen from place to place including your brain but if you have too much iron it’s toxic what happens if you leave an iron skillet out in the right rain it rust, and that rust is a sign that the iron is unstable so there’s oxidation the iron in your body does the same thing it oxidizes and produces things called free radicals.
Free radicals are simple molecules like oxygen molecules but in your body, they lose an electron and become unstable which turns them into rogue molecules that act like little fires that burn anything they come into contact with destroying connections between cells, these free radicals are molecules that have become destabilized and too much iron in your body facilitates that next question is this copper oxidized think of what happens to a shiny new penny as it gets older it gets darker right so that’s the oxidation of the penny so copper and iron are similar they oxidize very easily and when they do they release free radicals into your brain into the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s with those clumps of amyloid plaques and inside those amyloid plaques are iron and copper molecules causing chaos in the brain-destroying connections and destroying the brain’s ability to function.

Trans Fats And Cholesterol


There’s another bad fat for our brains found in cake donuts crackers margarine and even microwave popcorn it’s called trans fats. The researchers in Chicago decided to look at the people who loaded up on trans fats and those who avoided them and the numbers were just the same those who avoided trans fats, cut the risks dramatically so after that the folks at Kaiser Permanente decided to take a look at cholesterol bad fats raise cholesterol levels they recruited more than 10,000 volunteers and measured their cholesterol levels some had lower cholesterol some had a little higher and some had very high levels of cholesterol, then they looked at their likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s disease you can see the obvious pattern on the graph if you have low cholesterol levels than your Alzheimer’s risk is relatively low.
If you have high levels your Alzheimer’s risk is high but the really interesting thing about this study is that the cholesterol test we’re done when the volunteers were just 40 years old predicting their risk of getting Alzheimer’s some three decades later so what is it about cholesterol that has such a big impact on brain health, it’s as simple as your heart in your head cholesterol can not only clog the veins and arteries around your heart it can also block the blood vessels in your head and when you consider 20% of the blood flow coming out of the heart goes straight to the brain and if you can’t get blood and oxygen and nutrients to your brain and have good blood flow carrying the waste away, guess what the brain suffers and suffers greatly. So if you have high cholesterol blocking the arteries going into your brain you don’t have good blood flow, and that’s a real problem but all cholesterol was not created equal there’s good cholesterol HDL and then there’s bad cholesterol LDL and there’s a world of difference between them a recent study has shown that higher amounts of good cholesterol the HDL can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

Protect Your Brain

There’s been a lot of discussions lately about how a glass of water can help protect your brain well the researchers at the University of Cincinnati wondered if it was the alcohol or it was the grape so they brought in a group of people who were all 78 years old they all had mild cognitive


impairment and they were starting to lose their memory researchers asked them to start drinking grape juice how much a pint a day which is two cups so they had one cup in the morning and one cup at night easy right the results showed that their ability to learn was much better their ability to recall was much better and it was better very rapidly within a couple of weeks. It started improving so why is this well if you think about it a grape is on a vine sitting in the Sun all day with very little protection, it gets assaulted by the elements so why doesn’t it just wither up and turn into a raisin right there, and then the reason it can’t survive is that it has something called anthocyanins are what make it that beautiful dark purple color but it’s not there just to make it look pretty it’s there to protect it it’s the same thing when you walk into a grocery store and you can see the orange carrots across the store 100 yards away and you say wow that orange is beautiful I’ve got to have some carrots well guess what that orange is beta-carotene that’s there to protect the carrot the tomatoes are so beautifully red as well that’s like a pin to protect the tomato and that dark purple color is anthro signing to protect the grape and now when you eat these great vegetables they pass into your body and go to your brain the powerful antioxidants that protect the grape as it’s growing also protects your brain.

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