Foods that accelerate aging should be excluded from your diet

Our goal is to eliminate foods with free radicals as much as possible and maximize our intake of antioxidants.
All products can be divided into three categories:

  • Foods that help cells oxidize and age
  • Foods rich in vitamins and oxidants that can protect our body from premature aging
  • Products that have little impact on the acceleration or deceleration of the cells.

Let’s talk about the first category. The use of any product should be minimized. If we don’t stop the aging of our body’s cells, we can at least slow them down.
Scientists are unlikely to be able to stop the aging process in the next decade, but we may well slow down ourselves by limiting certain foods or Vice versa by eating certain foods.

What helps us age?

Aging of the skin and the body as a whole is primarily associated with the number of free radicals. Radicals are, as it were, sub-molecules without a single electron for which they constantly hunt, taking it away from normal cells. Attacked by a free radical, the cell is oxidized, which leads to an irreversible process of cell destruction, i.e., it’s aging.

Scientists have invented (or discovered) an effective method with the oxidation of molecules – antioxidants. These substances react with radicals to give them their electro while remaining free.

Our goal is to eliminate foods with free radicals as much as possible and maximize our intake of antioxidants.

What do we have on the surface? From the point of view of accelerating aging – food with a high content of salt, sugar, and alcohol. Maybe we will surprise someone, but there are two products that we use daily-wheat and vegetable oil. About all of this below.

TRANS fats

In the stately and modern baking – bread, cookies, burgers, pizza. TRANS fats cause damage to the skin and lead to an inability to reflect the effects of ultraviolet light, a decrease in insulin resistance, and an increase in blood cholesterol levels.


As a variant of a product with a high content of TRANS fat that impairs moisture absorption by your body’s cells. Margarine is widely used in modern industrial cooking. A very poor alternative to oil, despite its cheapness. You yourself understand how important the moisture saturation of your skin cells is, which decreases over time.


A little more about baking. The use of wheat. Wheat contains an interesting carbohydrate-amylopectin-A, which is very little distributed. Amylopectin-A increases blood sugar levels even more than natural sugar itself. The process of glycation directly affects the acceleration of cell aging. Some types of bread, doughnuts, muffins, cookies made from wheat lead to accelerated aging of the body, and skin. Foods high glycoindex lead to the decrepitude of your body very quickly.

Frequent consumption of pasta, Breakfast cereals and pizza should also be avoided, for the same reasons. All this leads to an increase in the number of wrinkles and aging of the body.

Vegetable oil

Pay special attention to sunflower, rapeseed, soy, cotton, corn.

Almost all vegetable oils in the production process are subjected to heat treatment, during which such gases as hexane are used as solvents. As a result, polyunsaturated fats undergo changes and are oxidized, thereby accelerating the oxidative processes in the body, which leads to the formation of free radicals that destroy cell membranes.

What to do? Give up the above oils in daily use. Instead, you can use really useful – olive, coconut, avocado oil


Meat with a toasted crust-tin! Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are formed on the surface. The damage caused by PAHs to the body is irreversible.

What to do? It is necessary to adapt to another method of heat treatment. Instead of frying or grilling-stew, cook. And if the grill, then without a crust. If the crust appears, it is necessary to remove it or not bring it to the formation of blackness and remove the dish from the fire earlier.

Sausage goods

Ham, bacon, sausage, hot dogs and sausages – sounds delicious, but….First, preservatives, which are necessary for many products in this category, can cause the formation of free radicals. The second component is phosphates and taste enhancers, as well as a high proportion of salt. What should I do if I want to? Raise awareness, read labels, and make the least harmful choices possible.


The simplest thing is that sugar destroys collagen and elastin. These substances are the basis of the skin what elasticity and softness of the skin can we talk about? Don’t waste your money on cosmetics to your skin if You overdo it with sugar. Sugar also, as a life-giving medium, makes it possible for inflammatory diseases to multiply and, as a litmus test, focuses the body’s attention on chronic diseases. What should I do if I want to? It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar and confectionery products as much as possible. It is better to replace it with sweet fruits. Even chocolate (better bitter) is much less harmful than just sugar. If you think that you can replace sugar with fructose, then you are deeply mistaken.


According to scientists, fructose accelerates the aging process ten times faster than sugar. If you conduct an experiment and start consuming only fructose, immediately remove the accelerated aging of the body and skin. You will see the tightening of wrinkles on the 14th day. What to do? Availability is indicated on the package. Be careful and look at the label. The body will thank you. There is also a moment – corn syrup. This Supplement is used in many sweets. It has recently become popular, both with manufacturers and consumers. Careful, it’s no better than fructose.


Foods that accelerate aging should be excluded from the diet
The harm of alcohol is well known, despite the belief of many popular authors that a small dose is useful. No! In the normal functioning of the body, alcohol is not necessary.

Alcohol, first of all, retains moisture, dries the skin accordingly, which leads to early cell aging. Another important property – alcohol does not allow the breakdown of fats entering the body with food, which leads to appropriate results. Alcohol simply relieves the body of vitamins A and E. Alcohol Abuse for a couple of years leads to an increase in the aging process to 7-9 years. If you add cigarettes to alcohol, the process speeds up at times.


A fairly strong diuretic. The threshold is 200 milligrams of caffeine, which corresponds to two to three cups of coffee or five cups of tea. What to do? When using coffee, it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumed.

Let’s imagine a world without sugar, baking, alcohol, and sausage – it doesn’t work?

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