4 Easy Food Waste Solutions To Use Now

In the US we waste a lot of food which isn’t good for many reasons in this article, we gonna talk about why all that waste is bad, and ways that we can cut down on the amount of food that goes to waste.
First of all, let’s talk about how much food is wasted according to USDA about a hundred and thirty-three billion pounds of food goes to the landfill each year all that wasted food means wasted money to about 160 1 billion dollars wasted money isn’t the only reason why all this food waste is bad when you put fruits and vegetables and other organic material into a plastic bag and throw it away and it’s sent to the landfill it produces methane and methane is 25 times worse for the environment than co2 and that 133 billion pounds of food waste produces a lot of methane about 20% of the methane produced in the United States is from food waste now that we got on the negative stuff out of the way, let’s talk about solutions to
this problem because there are many and one thing that w want to stress about this is that you don’t have to do everything you don’t have to be perfect and you have zero waste right away because that’s really hard to do and very overwhelming one of the best things you can do is just do little things here and there cut down on a little bit of food waste every day or when you think about it and all those little things will make a big difference eventually the first and easiest solution is to

1. Eat Your Leftovers


Before they go bad to save the leftovers from dinner last night and have it for lunch the next day do this when you make dinner at home but also do this when you go out to eat cuz food waste from restaurants is a lot trust me and I work in a restaurant, I throw a ton of food away and it kills me. Solution number two.

2. Meal Planning


Requires a bit of planning ahead of time and that is to plan your meals and shop only for those meals, a lot of people say it’s a plan for the whole week. Some people can’t do that they only plan for about three days but they do shop for those three days and only buy things for those three days.
Solution number three.

3. Meal Plan Around Foods/Ingredients that will expire soon


Ties in to this and that is to plan meals around things that are going to expire soon so when you are planning your meals you’ll look in your fridge and see what’s about to go bad and if you a carton of cream that’s about to go bad then you will make a dish that requires cream, so you can use that up before it goes bad and you don’t have to throw it away. Solution number four is for when you have a that has got worse or have food scraps from cooking you don’t need to throw these things away.

4. Composter


You can start a composter there are tons of different kinds of composters if you go on Pinterest there’s a ton of different kinds.” when I lived with my parents we bought one from Lowe’s that had this big barrel on a wheel and you could spin it and aerate it nice when I lived in Oregon I just made a hole in the ground because I didn’t have any money so I had a hole in the ground that I put my food scraps in my apartment complex can’t do either of those so I have a worm bin which sounds weird but it’s a lot of fun and I love composting with my worm bin”. like we said before you don’t have to be perfect and go all in to make a difference every little bit will help in Florida there are 20 million people living here if half of the population of Florida prevents a pound of food from going to the landfill that’s 10 million pounds that’s a lot every little bit helps.

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