Affordable Car Fixes Every Driver Should know

Every day, it is estimated that we spend 55 minutes on average driving. We go to work, take our kids to soccer training, run errands, go to dinner, or just go for a ride if we need to clear our minds. We spend a large part of our lives in our cars, and this daily use gradually reflects on them. Eventually, our cars stop looking and smelling like new, and start looking completely worn out. However, with a few simple maintenance tricks, we can improve the car’s functionality and make it look new.

Contrary to popular belief, these tricks do not require expensive products or labor-intensive projects. Real miracles can be done with items that we have at home or items that we find in any supermarket. From the Coca-Cola bottle, you didn’t drink yesterday to the old socks that crash at the bottom of the drawer, it’s now easier than ever to keep your car the way you bought it without incurring a huge cost.

 Say goodbye to imperfections

Items needed: Nail polish, toothpaste
Estimated price: 4$

Minor scratches on the car body? You can have the solution at home. Before you make long and tedious phone calls to the insurance company, make sure your salvation is not in your pantry or bathroom. The list of items you will need is shoe polish, toothpaste, candle wax, glue (or super glue), and nail polish.

The nail polish will deal with scratches that will not disappear after regular grinding or polishing. In any supermarket or pharmacy, you can find a color that matches your car’s paintwork. Another home remedy: bring toothpaste from the bathroom, clean the polishing area, and make circular strokes with a soft cloth. Abrasive elements contained in the paste help to remove small scratches.

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