10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Cats are sometimes mysterious. They’re highly independent creatures that only do what they want to do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love their human owners. There are all sorts of cat signs that prove you’re accepted in their small little circle of affection. The key is getting to know your cat and understanding the ways they’re trying to signal that they love you every day.

In case you’re curious where to begin, here’s a list of the 30 most common signs your cat loves you. Keep in mind they’re different for every cat, every situation and every personality. But knowing at least a few of these may help you decipher the various ways your cat is communicating with you.

And if none of these resonate, here are 30 signs your cat actually does hate you.

Kneading Your Body

Cats may not be trained masseuses, but they sure know how to work their way into your muscles when they want to. Kneading into your leg, your back or your arm is often called “making biscuits,” and it’s a very common way that cats show affection.

Cats will knead anything they can get their paws on, from couches to blankets to bodies to beds. Even if their claws come out in the process, they’re not using them aggressively. It’s a sweet way to show they see you as comfort.

Your cat brings you “gifts”

Many things that relate in one way or another to your cat’s daily life can hardly be included in your wish list. Your pet, however, is willing to regularly bring you lots of gifts – mice, frogs, bugs, lizards, and even trash. All this tells us that the animal feels at home next to you. Many people think that all these “gifts” are intended for the owner. But in fact, cats bring such things home only because this place creates a sense of security inside them. This is a clear sign that your pet feels protected from you.

 Your cat gently interrupts you

What would you think if someone close to you bumped their head into you? You probably wouldn’t consider this action a sign of love. However, for cats, this behavior is the clearest example of demonstrating their sympathy and approval. Butting is a way of communicating, through which this animal shows its affection for others. A cat that rubs this part of its body with you identifies you as one of its friends. This opinion is shared today by veterinary research specialists at Petful, a large us boarding house for Pets. In their scientific work, they also noted that a cat rubbing its head against its owner can similarly mark its territory. These furry friends have scent glands on their chin, cheeks, forehead, and lips. By rubbing its muzzle against your body, the cat spreads a unique fragrance that marks you as its buddy.

 Your cat is constantly following you

Your cat today may strongly insist on increasing the time you spend together. In that case, you probably seem like a friendly buddy to her. Your pet can jump into bed with you, sneak into the bathroom, or watch you while you eat. It seems that you are very interested in your cat. The cat’s close attention, which is expressed in such actions, shows us another sign of attachment. An animal that watches you tirelessly even while eating has become firmly connected to your presence in its daily life.

 Cat licks your hair and ears

You probably know that some animals in our world like to take care of each other. In this way, they show their care and affection. Cats in this case are no different. High-quality maintenance of appearance, inherent in all types of cats today, often develops into something more. Domestic cats can regularly lick their owners ‘ hair and ears. Thus, the pet is trying to say that he trusts the man and considers him his close companion. This is a clear sign of friendship that tells us that your furry friend cares about you.

 Your cat is kneading you with its paws

Many of us have watched kittens kneading their mother in an attempt to stimulate the flow of milk. But adult cats, as it turned out, also use a similar habit with their owners. Experts say that this behavior is fixed in the cat’s mind under the guise of a source of comfort and relaxation. It can even be a sign of affection and love for you. A cat may show this habit because you are a kind of mother, authority figure, and protector to it. By shifting its paws on your body, the cat simply tells you that you deserve its trust. This habit, by the way, has an additional scientific justification. Aromatic glands located in the animal’s paws are activated during this warm-up. Using this method, your cat may try to mark you as its property.

 Your cat is squinting at you

Cat owners are most likely very familiar with the cat’s trance-like gaze. It turns out that in this way, these animals can try to transfer their affection to you. A narrowed and steady gaze is a sign of pure love. In the society of animal behavior researchers, it is often referred to as the”kitten’s kiss.”

What are the signs of feline love that your pet shows? Have you managed to establish stable friendly contact with your animals? You can tell our readers about your favorite Pets. Use the comments below to tell us about your cat’s brightest and most caring habits.

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