12 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates have become a thing in the present market place and their sales do not seem to slow down. Science has shown much more benefits of dark chocolate due to which its popularity grows continuously. Emulsifiers such as soy lecithin help to preserve the uniqueness in flavor. Dark chocolates are refined raw foods produced from seeds of tropical trees such as Theobroma cacao. The Seeds are roasted and grounded and often flavored with vanilla, usually prepared in the form of liquid, paste, or block and used as a flavoring ingredient in sweet dishes. It is also called semi-sweet chocolate or black chocolate, made by adding sugar and fat to cocoa.
The dark one is semisweet the extra dark ones are bittersweet and the ratio of cocoa butter to solids vary. In this article, we’ll share with you the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate. But before we continue, this article highlights some of the incredible Dark Chocolate Benefits. Be sure to continue reading until the last because number #2 will surprise you.

12. Cardiovascular health:

Various research shows that cocoa, chocolate, and flavan-3-oils help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Foods with high content of flavonols are related to cardiovascular health which suggests that specific flavonoids possess cardiovascular properties. It lowers the possibilities of atherosclerosis by hardening and thickening arteries and restores flexibility of arteries or prevents white blood cells from holding the blood vessel walls. These flavonoids help to lower oxidative stress, promote endothelial function and increase endothelial prostacyclin release, inhibit lipid oxidation, increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors or angiotensin-converting enzymes.

11. Effective for cardiometabolic disorder:

typically, cardiometabolic disorders are a burden on people but they could be prevented. The meta-analysis and systematic review of cocoa products with flavonol help to prevent this disorder.

10. Cardiorespiratory stimulant:

Cocoa has a primary alkaloid, theobromine having one-tenth of cardiac effects of other methylxanthines. The activity of theobromine has similar activity to caffeine. When theobromine is consumed in the form of a large chocolate bar, it does not cause electrophysiologic or acute hemodynamic cardiac changes in young and healthy adults. In healthy men, theobromine pharmacokinetics were similar when measured after 14 days of abstention from methylxanthines and after one week of ingesting dark chocolate.


9. Vascular and Endothelial function:

Dark chocolate improved a rapid and meaningful improvement of platelet and endothelial function in healthy smokers 2 to 8 hours after consumption.
The smokers displayed an increase in atherogenic potential as they have platelet and endothelial dysfunction is related to increased chances of cardiovascular problems.
Findings are related to the antioxidant effect of dark chocolate rich in polyphenols. Excess body weight and hypertension are essential risk factors for endothelial function.
Evidence has shown that dark chocolate is abundant in polyphenols which promote endothelial function and reduce blood pressure in stage 1 hypertension. Consuming chocolate bars helps to lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure.


8. Regularize blood sugar:

Dark chocolate helps make blood vessels healthy or circulation to prevent type II diabetes. It has flavonoids that lower insulin resistance that helps cells to have normal function and be able to efficiently use the body’s insulin.
Low content of glycemic index does not cause huge spikes in the level of blood sugar.

7. Improves Brain function:

This chocolate promotes the flow of blood to the brain and heart by improving cognitive function. It has numerous chemical compounds with stimulant action or positive effects on cognitive health and mood.
It has phenylethylamine which improves the brain to release endorphins or feel alert.
Dark chocolate has caffeine which acts as a mild stimulant. In comparison to coffee, dark chocolate
has less caffeine helping with mood disorders.

6. Strengthens oral hygiene:

Theobromine found in dark chocolate is known to harden tooth enamel. It implies that proper dental hygiene lowers the chances of cavities. A mild stimulant, theobromine is not strong as caffeine but could restrain coughs. It suppresses the activity of the vagus nerve responsible for coughing and also cures cough.

5. An abundance of Antioxidant properties:

Dark chocolate is all packed with antioxidants acting against free radicals being the main cause for oxidative damage. Free radicals are involved in the process of aging and cause cancer.
The consumption of antioxidant-rich foods such as dark chocolate prevents the body from various types of cancer and also slows down the aging signs.

4. Presence of Vitamins and Minerals:

Natural vitamins, nutrients, and minerals available in dark chocolate support overall health. Dark chocolate incorporates saturated fat, proteins, calories, and vitamins such as Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B3, calcium, Vitamin K, magnesium, dietary fiber, manganese, phosphorus, iron, selenium, copper, potassium, and zinc. Besides, dark chocolate has potassium and copper warding off cardiovascular ailments and stroke.

3. Satisfy magnesium needs:

Cocoa has magnesium correcting the deficiency of magnesium in rats.
Inadequate magnesium in the body is the cause of cardiovascular alterations, GI, renal, muscular, and neurological disorders. Cocoa is used to execute the magnesium needs.


2. Boost cognition:

Free radical damage is accused of memory loss and cognitive deterioration in aging. The study conducted in healthy young people resulted that consumption of flavonol-rich cocoa is related to an increase in cerebral blood flow which suggests that cocoa has a role in treating cerebral impairment such as stroke and dementia.

1. Cancer treatment:

Flavonoid-rich food helps to prevent cancer. The video study shows that breast cancer cells are susceptible to cytotoxic effects of cocoa-deprived pentameric procyanidin and inhibiting cellular proliferation with these compounds is related to site-specific dephosphorylation and downregulation of various cell cycle regulatory proteins.
These are the health benefits of dark chocolate.
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