How to eat less and not starve? 10 tricks to trick your mind

You won’t have to suffer. Eating junk food and large portions is the main enemy in the struggle against overweight. How can we not eat and suffer from hunger? We’ll have to go more consciously, and then we’ll find that it’s easy for the body to learn to eat less food without being uncomfortable. Below that is 10 simple tricks to trick the brain and reduce calorie intake.

10. Stay focused

Are you used to eating at work «on the run», without interrupting the work process, and eating in front of the TV or reading a book? Distracted by other stimuli, you are more likely to eat more than you should, and «forget» to think that these sweets are already redundant. It’s time to get rid of that habit – eating is best in silence.

9. Small plates and appliances

The brain is pretty easy to fool if you use small plates and devices. Full meals a small plate is perceived as sufficient to saturate the portion, unlike a large plate, which is only half full. Besides, there’s a great temptation to fill a big plate, while you can’t physically fit as much food into a small one. The scientists at Cornell and Groningen University found that people usually fill up 70% of the dishes regardless of their size.

Similar to cutlery – the brain erases the difference between 10 small and large spoons, such as ice cream, it matters quantity, not volume. Small appliances will help you not eat too much.

Another nice thing is that most people can eat 20% more or less of a regular meal and not even notice it. Small plates and appliances will help you to use this feature of the organism.

– Colored dishes

It has long been known that certain colors can awaken or inhibit appetite. With this knowledge, you can also choose the dishes. For example, red (as well as yellow, orange, pink) causes a strong sense of hunger. On plates of neutral shades – white or grey, the food also looks tasty, and you want to eat more.

To reduce your appetite, it’s better to use blue, blue, purple dishes. You can go further – you can use a blue tablecloth, or you can actually add these shades to the kitchen or to another room where you eat more often.

-Eat slowly

The delayed brain gets a signal that your stomach is full and you’re full, so try to stretch the pleasure and eat slowly. You don’t have to jump on food and eat it at cosmic speed, so you have a better chance of eating – in such cases, the brain simply doesn’t have the ability to signal saturation in time. It’s better to take the food in small pieces and chew it carefully before going into the next one.

Eating slower will help and break – put aside a fork or spoon to drink water or simply reach. Besides, you should listen to your body and not sit at the table if you’re not hungry.

-Chew gum and drink water

Both help to reduce appetite and help to keep you from having bad snacks until the next meal. Next time you want something delicious between dinner and dinner, try chewing gum or drinking a glass of water.

-Sleep and get up early

Lark is to be profitable! Scientists at Sevez-West University found that people who get up at 8:00 in the morning consume almost 200 calories less at lunch and almost 400 less at 8:00 in the afternoon. If you want to lose weight, it’s a great motivation to lie down and get up early.

A full eight-hour sleep would also help with weight control – American scientists for 15 years have watched 68,000 subjects and found that people who sleep seven to eight hours are less likely to be obese than people who are not well-awake. However, they are less likely to be obese.

A perfect morning: 7.00 am is the best breakfasts time

-Add pepper

It has been proven that hot peppers accelerate metabolism by 25% within four hours – it’s all about capsaicin, which increases blood circulation and makes you burn more fat. It also suppresses the feeling of hunger and the desire for sweetness and fat.

and Ginger has a similar effect – a study by Columbia University found that ginger drinks reduce hunger.

-Take your tasty things away

How easy it is to reach for a candy bar or a chip if it’s in front of you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re really hungry or if you’re just looking at the food and asking it to be eaten. But research shows that the farther away a favorite tasty is, the less reason the brain has to think that right now you can get something to eat.

-Fruit tea instead of dessert

Do you like to indulge yourself in dessert after a full dinner? Try replacing it with a tea with additives – robust, hibiscus, berry, or fruit. This drink has a little sweetness and no extra calories.

-Brush your teeth right after dinner

Brushing your teeth will get rid of the temptation to eat something after dinner. When you want to have a cookie before you go to bed, you’ll wonder if you should, because then you have to get up and brush your teeth again.


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