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What is Gout, what are its symptoms, and causes, How is it prevented and treated?

What’s Gout?

Gout used to be the “disease of kings”, today it is a widespread disease.

Being overweight and having an opulent diet promote their onset.

Proper nutrition prevents gout attacks.

Gout is a metabolic pathology associated with swab deposits in joints and feathers. Gout lesions do at all joints, from fritters to toes. 

 Still, it can lead to disability, If the complaint is undressed. The threat of developing diabetes is increased, cardiovascular and order problems arise. 

Gout symptoms

Sudden pain in the joint, sharp as a thousand needles this is how a gout attack manifests itself. Often it begins in the toes, but also knee or finger joints can be affected. Even the slightest touch, for example through a down comforter, becomes an ordeal for those affected. Year of life around. Women are more likely to find it after menopause – the female sex hormone estrogen protects against this chronic metabolic disorder. Gout (arthritis uric) refers to a number of metabolic disorders and their secondary diseases.

A symptom of pathology may be an arthritis attack, where one joint is sharply inflamed, often a thumb on a leg. It usually happens at night or early in the morning. The man feels the pain, the joint swells noticeably, the skin blushes in the inflammation zone, and the temperature rises.

At the very beginning, the seizures are interrupted independently in a few days and are susceptible to medication. Because of the severe pain, medication is necessary. If a person suffers from a short-term illness, the pain will go away between the attacks.

When levels of uric acid remain high, problems will recur and the intervals between them will shrink. Over time, the pathology will take over other joints, and there is a risk of spinal cord damage. The discomfort between the attacks will remain.

Another symptom is growth or fuses on the legs and hands. You can see uric acid crystals when you pop. A person experiences severe pain in the affected areas.

Causes of gout

Pathology occurs when the purine exchange is crippled when the amount of uric acid increases and it’s deficiently excreted. The purines are fed to us and are also produced in the body. They are stuck to and removed by the feathers. 

 In a person with gout, the amount of uric acid is significantly advanced than the burrow. Sodium hearties are deposited in the joints as well as in the cartilage and tendons-where blood force is minimal and the dishes are more easily secured. 

As a result, uranium ( hearties) are deposited in the joints and beget their destruction. As the complaint develops, dishes accumulate in the feathers and lead to nephropathy. 

 Gout development is affected by

  •  Heredity 
  • Over 40 times of age; 
  •  Coitus- men are more likely to be ill; 
  •  High blood pressure 
  •  Obesity 
  • The consumption of products rich in purines; 
  •  Dragged administration of the diuretic medicine; 
  •  Bad order function, psoriasis. 

 The primary form occurs when there are shy enzymes for purine metabolism. Pathology provokes the abuse of alcohol, meat, and a generally monotonous diet. The body is negatively affected by reduced motor exertion. 

 Secondary form develops against the background of hepatoblastomas, order conditions, with the prolonged administration of some drugs.

Preventative measures 

 Gout frequently occurs on injured joints. Thus, it’s necessary to avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, which can wash, to rub the thumb of the bottom. Small joints are prone to damage, so it’s necessary to spend further time on their mobility, especially in those areas where the pain occurs. Slimnastics is a good precautionary remedy. It’s also recommended to go out more frequently and to breathe fresh air. 

The main means of forestallment are a balanced healthy diet and diet. 

 It’s necessary to count alcoholic potables, adipose mists, as well as sap, sap, peas, radishes, spinach. It’s recommended to limit the input of meat, fish and caviar, and mushrooms. It’s bad for smokes, gravies, better to refrain from taking cauliflower, boat and asparagus. 

Smoking and alcohol use reduce the rate of the uric acid pullout, and chargers are deposited in the joints. Thus, it’s better to count alcoholic potables, especially beer. It’s also recommended not to drink a lot of tea, cocoa, and coffee. It’s judicious to take off days once a week. 

 Among the permitted products are vegetables and fruits, eggs, as well as rubbish, milk and low-fat dairy products, cereals. Make sure that whole grains are included in the diet. You must drink 2-3 liters of water per day and reduce swab input. 

Gout remedy 

     The croaker prescribes a drug for the acute gout attack 

  •  Certain anti-inflammatory cortisone-free anti-inflammatory medicines 
  • Colchicine 
  •  Cortisone medications as tablets or as injections into the joint. 

       He’ll also recommend some general measures 

  •  Position the affected common high Still, bed rest,
  •  if applicable. keep the duvet down from the sensitive joint 
  •  cooling envelopes 
  •  light, purine-poor diet 
  •  Drink sufficiently. 

 After the acute phase, the endless treatment of gout aims to homogenize and keep uric acid situations stable, as well as help repeated attacks of gout and the complaint continues to progress. 

The following medicines are used 

  • Colchicine, for many months accompanying the other drug for the forestallment of gout attacks 
  • Allopurinol, a medicine that suppresses the conformation of uric acid (a so-called uric acid) 
  • Febuxostat, a recently developed active component. It can be used as volition to allopurinol to reduce elevated uric acid situations that have formerly led to deposits
  • medicines that promote the excretion of uric acid (uric acid), for illustration, benzbromarone. drug for pain and inflammation.

 Important Changing life and eating habits 

 switch to a low-purine diet 

 Avoid veritably abundant reflections, fasting, and thirst. drink at least two liters of liquid a day, unless there’s a medical point of view,

Stop drinking alcohol 

 Sluggishly reduce fat through a healthy diet and plenitude of exercise. Refrain from” radical diets”

 It helps to lower the position of uric acid 

 The croaker will also regularly check uric acid situations in the blood. With habitual gout with common pain, physical curatives may have a soothing effect. 


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