12 Ways to change lives for those who have absolutely no power

These tips will help, if you don’t completely transform your life, at least make it much more pleasant.

I’m sure you know the feeling: 10:00 AM, you’re on the nerves of the third cup of coffee, and in your head, instead of any common sense, you’re full of porridge. You’re exhausted – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and completely indifferent to what used to make you happy. Motivation? Forget it. Irritability? Oh yes. Care for your health and well-being? Burn it down.

For some reason, it is generally accepted that conquering new heights and complete exhaustion do not go without each other. Nothing like this. Emotional burnout is not a sign of success, it’s a way in which our body explicitly hints that it’s time to slow down.

 “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got “. henry ford quotes.

The famous Henry Ford quote is very convenient.

The familiar ways of bringing yourself back to life, whether it’s a double dose of espresso or another layer of conspirator under your eyes, take only a few minutes, but how much use are they? Yes, it takes a lot longer to make a fundamental change in life, but in the end, it pays off. It is an investment in your health and well-being, so it is worth taking them with all due seriousness.

1. Sleep is good

Our body is a machine. It’s a beautiful and incredibly complex system that needs care and rest. When you leave work, you turn off your computer every day, and that’s pretty much what your body and your mind must do. Studies say that good sleep helps the brain to get rid of toxins that accumulate during the day, which is why seven to eight hours of full rest are incredibly important for mental and physical health. Your job is to gradually bring your daily sleep to this level. Thirty minutes more rest every day is easy, isn’t it?

2. Think about what and how you eat

It takes practice to make your diet meaningful. This is especially true for those who are used to eating on the run, while at the same time completing a reply to another letter and getting distracted by phone calls. The practice of conscious eating helps to understand what you eat and what benefits it brings to your body. A healthy relationship with food replaces simple hunger relief. Research shows that this approach to nutrition significantly improves mood, reduces stress, helps to develop healthy eating habits, and even eliminates excess weight.

3. Stop with caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that irritates your already nervous system. When you’re worried, stressed, or even on the verge of hysteria, another cup of coffee will cheer you up for a while. Instead, try other, softer ways to get up and energize: exercise or meditation. If a morning without coffee does not please you, take your relationship with this drink to a slightly different plane and make them as conscious as possible. Savor the flavor and enjoy the taste of the drink by sipping it from your favorite mug. After a while, this ritual may prove more important than coffee itself.

4. Start moving and don’t stop

Not only is movement a powerful means to improve mood and reduce stress, but it is also a proven effective way to preserve excellent memory and general thinking skills.

A simple exercise in the morning sets the pace of the day and helps focus on important tasks. Needless to say, successful people prefer to train in the morning. Start with at least 10 minutes of moderate physical activity per day and gradually increase its duration to the recommended half hour.

5. Remember: The best rest is silence

Yes, yes, yes, without the mention of meditation, there is not a single article about the change of life. Well, what to do if it works. About 80 percent of visits to doctors are related in some way to the effects of stress, do you know what a terrible waste of time and money is? What’s even more striking is that we can reduce all of that with… right, meditation. These practices help to cope with stress, strengthen immunity, restore sleep and feel truly happy. Just five minutes of this relaxation will make the day a lot happier. Another bonus: regular meditators think rationally and feel less anxiety when life flies another surprise.

6. Care for the skin

The simple thing is that you’re happy with your skin. Of course, it takes time to build on that habit. It’s not even that important to have a known three-week rule – permanence, regularity, and an understanding of why you’re doing this – that’s much more useful than a calendar of days. The proverbial concealer will conceal signs of fatigue in a matter of seconds, but real changes in skin condition always come from within, slowly but surely. Choose something that not only improves the complexion of your face, but that will benefit your body, whether it’s cosmetics or food. Just repeat all the necessary procedures in the morning and the evening – after a while, you will notice that skin shines health and mood is no longer so gloomy. It’s corny, but it’s the best thing humanity has ever done.

7. Feed the soul, not the ego

It’s simple: Do what pleases you. Not all of our achievements fill your soul with joy. Regular reprocessing can be useful, but ultimately it depletes far from infinite body reserves. The benefits of this behavior are less than regular relaxation. Buy some shoes you’ve always wanted, enjoy your ice cream on your lunch break and spend the weekend watching old movies. All of you – all right, most of you – your actions have to have one reason, one reason only: it brings joy. You’re not doing this because it’s another item on the to-do list. Joy To you.

8. Trust your gut

The expression of «gut sense» is not a metaphor. Before making important decisions, listen to your feelings: the body often tells you what you need before you know it. Take a break if you’re tired. Go somewhere if the soul asks for a change. In other words, when something goes wrong, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself why. If you are not intuitive, it will take some time to learn to listen to your inner voice. Just take your mind off things, take a break, and honestly tell me how you feel right now. There’s a good chance you know exactly what you want. All you have to do is stop and listen to yourself.

9. Break the normal order of things

Make it a problem to try something completely new at least once a week. Or, if enthusiasm is excessive, once a day. You don’t have to take something big right away – just take a different route to work. Even a little thing like that is an unusual experience. It helps open the mind to new ways of thinking and perception, which in turn will make you a little bit happier.

10. Create a comfortable environment

The first step in creating healthy relationships in all senses is taking responsibility for what and by whom you fill your life. Yes, the prospect of transforming life-poisoning relationships into pleasant and comfortable can initially be frightening, especially when it comes to friendship, family, food, work, or yourself. Nevertheless, it is important.

You have to know those who are responsible for environmental choice often have greater confidence in decision-making.

11. Learn new things

The process of learning makes us happy, that’s a fact. It also helps to prolong our lives and make them more interesting and rich, as well as to remove unnecessary prejudices. If you want to start small, learn to knit, for example. The Web is full of tutoring videos, so you can do it without even getting out of bed. If you’re attracted to big goals, take a three-month Webdesign course. Whatever you decide to do, the brain will be deeply grateful anyway.

12. Start keeping a journal

Relaxation, creativity, self-confidence, and inspiration to achieve goals are simple things to do, and so much good. If it’s difficult, don’t commit to writing every day. What’s important is the process of creating the text, not how many times you do it, so you can start with a couple of classes a week. Set a timer, give yourself a simple theme, for example, «What I expect from this day», and write whatever you think. Believe me, eventually, you’ll look forward to these sessions.

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