10 signs that your dog loves you

we always wonder how our dogs feel about us. Do they love us or not?

This article describes clear signs of the dog’s love for his master.

If you don’t find them in your relationship with your pet, you should be wary. Think about what you’re doing wrong and how to win the dog’s love.

We will tell you some signs that your dog loves you, Follow our article!

firstly can we ask a dog «do you love me?» – and the dog will answer. Though it is not by words. It is by behavior, deeds, and actions.

The dog can’t tell. But to show his love – how!

In many millennia of living together, dogs and humans have learned to understand each other so well that words are not needed. And of all the pets, it’s probably the dogs that have the richest spectrum of human affection.

So, look for the signs of your dog’s love for you – and count points.

10- The dog is delighted to see you.

This is the most vivid proof of a dog’s love for man. An animal can jump and scream with crazy joy, or it can come and put its head silently on your lap, and snuggle. It depends on the temperament of the dog. But if a dog shows joy when you come home, rest assured – he loves you very much.

The Japanese researchers did an interesting experiment. The subjects were people in love who were separated from their loved ones. In the second group were dogs separated from their owners. Then human pairs and pairs of «dog + owner» united and at that moment took the blood test. And it turns out that both couples in love and dogs and their owners when they meet, they’ve got a lot more endorphin, a pleasure hormone.

9- The dog licks the master.

The loving dog is ready to lick the master to the brilliance. And even if he scolds her for it, he still tries to lick her. Licking in the language of dog love is like a kiss to people. It may not be hygienic, but if a dog is healthy, it is practically safe. Moreover, the dog’s saliva can heal wounds as it contains lysozyme, secretory immunoglobulins, and other anti-infection substances.

8- The dog Looks you in the eye.

The more and the longer the better. It is a clear sign of love and trust. Research by scientists led by Dr. Miho Nagasawa (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Japan) has shown that if a host and a loving dog look a friend in the eye, the hormone oxytocin, called the pleasure hormone and trust hormone, increases in both. This hormone reduces anxiety and increases life satisfaction.

7- Raises eyebrows.

Dog facies speak more than a tail. The same Japanese investigated dog behavior in various situations and concluded that seeing the beloved owner, dogs raised their eyebrows. And if they see a stranger, they don’t pick him up.

6- Swallow after eating.

Funny! Also confirmed by scientific research. Professor Gregory Burns, a neuroscientist in the United States, studies the brain of dogs on an MRI to find out what changes in the dog’s brain occur during a given process. On the results of his research, he wrote an entire book «How dogs love us». Now, if a pet after a meal, when he’s fondling his master, rubs his feet, licks, he shows adoration and gratitude.

5- The dog tends to spend more time with you.

If you do something in the yard, it will turn around. Sit at the table and lie down at your feet. Being around your beloved host – what else does it take to be happy? I mean, maybe a bigger, bigger bone.

4- The dog keeps you in sight while walking.

Does not run far, even for other dogs and cats.

3- Brings you his favorite toy.

It’s the highest level of trust. But not all dogs do that just the babies.

2- Your dog recognizes your face.

Dogs have poor eyesight and poor memory of faces. Dogs recognize their host, their family members, acquaintances, and other animals primarily by smell and voice.

And if a dog recognizes you in a photograph or a house window (but does not hear your voice), then you are dear to it.

This was also confirmed by an experiment in which dogs were shown images of Skype hosts while taking brain readings. Dogs who recognized the face of their host had visual and olfactory memory activity.

1- Sleeps with you.

The loyal dog always tries to be closer to the owner. But not everyone lets the dog sleep in his bed.

All the researchers are convinced that dogs feel our emotions perfectly – fear, uncertainty, sympathy. And love and friendship are reciprocated.

You read this article. So what do you think? Does your dog love you?

How many acts of love (points) did you count?

What do you think about the dog’s love for the man?

And the important question you have to answer is why do dogs love us?

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