10 Eating Secrets For Staying Healthy During The Holidays

We know it’s really hot out there there are snacks everywhere there’s food everywhere your mother cooks for you but I have a few tips that hopefully will help you survive this holiday season.

 1. Sides Of Your Plate


We can’t tell you how many times you see people that come to parties and grab this plate which is usually bigger than their head we usually recommend to try to find a smaller plate than the one you serve this is a very big serving size you wanna opt for this, this is more than enough. We mentioned it before in one of our nutrition articles that it’s a very much of a mind game psychologically when you fill a bigger plate and even if you are aware of your serving sizes it’s going to look half-empty and it will kind of triggers in your mind that you actually don’t have enough food so when you finish it you go for another wrap on the other hand when you have a smaller plate you fill it up it looks like there’s so much of everything and when you finish you actually feel psychological that you pull and hopefully also this is always a good trick that we recommend everyone it’s very simple there’s nothing crazy that you need to change keep that in mind opt for a smaller plate.

2. Load Up On Greens


If you see a salad anywhere around you, you go for that salad we know that there are all these yummy things around that you want to conquer first but trust me taking your salad first will be the best thing for your digestion and in general, for maintaining a healthy weight vegetable adjust faster the meat or carbs so it will help easier digestion in general and also when you fill up with greens you’re not only getting all the fiber and vitamins and minerals of raw good vegetables you’re also filling yourself up so you’re gonna eat less of all the other fatty yummy greasy stuff that are usually around during the holidays so greens first.

3. Take Digestive Enzymes


Three there are gonna be occasions where we go to our family’s homes our mother’s home and we’re going to be so excited to eat really good hearty food and that’s okay that happens so for those occasions what we do is we make sure we have my beige active enzymes with me, this is the jingle bells of my holiday it helps me with making sure that I’m supplying my stomach with another Jessop juices that I’m not gonna get all bloated and tired and go to sleep so these are I recommend to eat before you know you’re gonna have a big meal or if you forget after helps as well so in case, it is inevitable for you to have a big meal check these guys out I’m gonna link them below.

4. To Eat Before You Go To A Party


We are all gonna go to different parties if it’s a work party or a friend’s party or anything like that in those parties they usually have hotdogs burgers french fries anything that’s fast cheap not so great for your body so what we recommend for everybody is to eat before you go to a party that way you’re not gonna be starving you’re not gonna load up on all these like unhealthy cards and you’re gonna feel better about yourself you can have more energy if you don’t have time to make a meal have a snack or make a smoothie. I love having a smoothie before I go to a party I am loaded up with fiber and different vegetables and fruits so when I get to a party I don’t feel like I’m starving and I just grab anything that’s near me.

5. Create Your Gym Wherever You Are


We know that it’s gonna be very difficult to get to the gym especially during the holidays because there’s so much going on, honestly the best tip is to create your gym wherever you are. We don’t mean that you have to like go into this hit type of exercise but even like walking up and down the stairs in your house a few more times a day picking up things/squatting, the best type of exercise steps a little bit put some music in your home it is the holiday spirit dance and burns a little bit move a little bit you’re gonna feel great.

6. Sit with health-conscious people


This is something that like is weird but it works if you have a family gathering or dinner try to find a spot next to the healthiest eater in that group so what happens sometimes is it’s also a psychological thing but when you sit beside someone that like has no limits and no restrictions you like go down
with him so I always recommend finding someone that is relatively a healthy eater that is a little more conscious than the rest and sit beside them you’ll feel good about yourself you’re gonna get inspired and you’ll be. We don’t have to eat like all of these people we can eat like this person so definitely be inspired and if you have nobody in that group that eats healthy then you’ll be an example.

7. Avoid Fried Foods


When you are at a restaurant or any gathering or dinner up for the baked steamed broiled type of meals rather than fried we know that you don’t necessarily can avoid all the foods out there so try to see what are the healthier options that are offered to you.

8. Avoid Heavy And Creamy Sauces


Try to avoid heavy creamy sauces or dips we know that it’s hard probably especially around Christmastime because a lot of the dishes have those but if you even can’t put a little bit and be conscious of like not fill up or know that cream you’ll be good for digestion and you will feel better after the meal remember that if you can cut on unnecessary calories and food that won’t phew you try to do that a lot of people think that feeling tired and bloated after the meal is normal no it’s not food supposed to energize you makes you feel good so keep that in mind when you eat and try to avoid things that you know will make you feel like a man after the food and that makes me to tip number nine.

9. Chew Your Food Slowly And Carefully


Enjoy your food break it down with your teeth make it into like baby food page that’s on so gross but it’s gonna help you digest chef and eating slower makes you full what happens when we eat fast is that there’s no time for our stomach to signal our brain that we are good we’re at full so try to pace yourself and chew your food and make sure that you give enough time to your body to let you know that it’s good and energize you.

10. Don’t get to 100%


Make sure that you are not 100% full 100% full is you want to go to sleep full 80% full is the right amount of fullness you want to eat enough where you feel like okay you know we have the energy we can keep moving but always leave that like 10 percent like it has a little bit more make sure that you don’t have that extra a little bit more and that’s like the sweet spot it’s very hard to master but honestly like keeping that in mind and just practicing it while you eat it’s gonna build-up to that practice makes perfect.

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